Mark Wolfe Biography

Canadian singer/songwriter MARK WOLFE clearly defies convention, not satisfied to call one musical genre home. His creative forces drive him from one musical experience to another. After combining Celtic, rockabilly, folk, and Country sounds on his self-titled first CD, he wrote and recorded a 10 - song children's CD titled, POTATO NUMBERS, which combined everything from Gregorian Monk chants to Hawaiian style ukulele riffs, and upbeat gypsy rhythms.

Mark is currently working on a new album and with the addition of some of Canada’s top studio musicians this next project will combine Cajun and southern rock, a marriage of rockin’ guitars and mariachi horns, if you will.  As usual Mark has composed both music and lyrics and added his own unique vocal style to each new song.  There is no album title yet but look for a 2013 release.

Mark's live performances are always full of surprises, whether he's performing a Glenn Miller or Fats Waller number, giving a Beatles song a new age makeover, or giving Carl Perkin's, Blue Suede Shoes, the Reggae treatment. Mark's original material still remains his most requested.  A creative writer and vocalist, Mark always has his eyes focussed towards new musical horizons 

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